The firm provides the following principal services: -

These services are offered mainly in the following Engineering disciplines: -

  1. 1.1.5 Design

    Vex design is distinguished by quality and excellence together with innovative approach to problem solving. The breadth of our design expertise spans all sectors of our business covering the entire field of Civil Engineering including derived expert services.

    Our commitment to the highest standards means that we are continually improving the quality of our service. We work side by side with Clients and Design teams through all the stages of a project- at the concept stage when options are being considered, at detailed design when the most appropriate, cost- effective solutions are crystallized, and through construction to commissioning.

    Our professionals are committed to listening to clients` problems, needs and aspirations, delivering appropriate and quality - managed solutions. Our flexible and often lateral approach adds value and helps clients to obtain high performance assets for tomorrow`s world.

    We hope to take a leading edge of the industry by anticipating the challenges of a constantly changing world. We hope to invest both in highly skilled personnel and the latest technology to ensure that we provide state of the art solutions to meet future needs.

    We offer the diversity and flexibility of service required by clients through responsive organization that mirrors the development process:

    • Consulting - The crucial first step
    • Design - Excellence through innovation
    • Management - Delivery control

    This approach ensures a consistently high quality service for our clients whatever development stage their projects have reached.

    Our teams are expert in assimilating and balancing the influential parameters of context and culture, brief and programme, construction and technology, energy and environmental, economy and efficiency. This careful analysis ensures that the end product will meet or exceed the client`s expectations.


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